Cricket bat refurbishment.

At our Brisbane workshop, we often refurbish cricket bats. From time to time, to give your bat a new lease on life, it can be refurbished. This often involves:

  • removing the stickers
  • sanding the willow
  • repairing any damaged areas
  • polishing the bat
  • applying new stickers
  • applying protection if required
  • applying new grip if required

Take a look at a bat we refurbished recently below. Our client's bat was getting a bit worse for wear but was still a good bat. By refurbishing it, he now has a bat that will keep working for seasons to come.

Cricket bat refurbishment by Rod Grey at Cooper Cricket Brisbane Queensland

The original bat - ready to be refurbished.

Cricket bat refurbishment by Cooper Cricket Brisbane Queensland

Sticker removed, ready for sanding.

Cricket bat refurbished by Rod Grey at Cooper Cricket Brisbane Queensland

Sanded, polished - ready to play!


Rod Grey

Bat Maker & Managing Director