Who is Cooper Cricket?

Cooper Cricket was created by Rod Grey. Through the love of cricket & the passion to do something that he's always enjoyed, Rod was able to create a cricket brand that is not only new & fresh but one that really cares about giving players the best possible gear to use in their crusade to conquer the cricketing world.

The name 'Cooper' came about as Rod & his wife Roxanne were attempting to have another child. For whatever reason that didn't work out however the name Cooper was on the top of the list if it was a he that was born. So when deciding what this cricket brand shall be called there one only one choice... Cooper Cricket. This is fitting as this is Rod's little baby. Coincidentally, the traditional tool to make cricket bats is a drawknife or as sometimes known, a Coopers Drawknife, so we think it was meant to be!

Rod is a sign writer & graphic designer by trade & some might be wondering how that fits in to making cricket bats however it lays a great platform as old school sign writing is full of handcrafting & building. Projects would include a large variety of materials including steel, aluminium, carving foam & of course timber. So starting off through necessity as bats broke or needed running repairs, working with cricket bats was just something that was done over the years. All the skills that Rod now employs into bat making are largely self taught however through that great base of building & crafting signage, Cooper Cricket bats are truly beautiful cricket bats.

All cricket bats are produced from start to finish right here in our Brisbane workshop. We only import the best Players Grade, Grade 1, 2 & 3 genuine English Willow for our range. We also import poplar clefts for our indoor cricket bats that we make.

Cricket is what makes us tick here at Cooper Cricket & we hope we can be part of your cricketing journey along the way. Good luck for the season wherever you are playing & please get in contact with us if you have any questions.