Add some colour to your cricket stumps!

Have you ever wondered how they get the cool graphics on cricket stumps when you watch the cricket on tv? Well, wonder no more as we have introduced cricket stump wraps to our catalogue of products!

It is now easy to design these online & customise the colour, add text & logos & even colour the bails. Each set comes with 6 cricket stumps, 4 bails & the stickers already applied onto each cricket stump.

They're are 2 types of cricket stumps to choose from:

Club quality - These are best suited for junior & senior games where the bowlers are no faster than 120kph

First Class quality - These are also suited for junior & senior games however where the bowlers speeds are faster than 120kph. The stumps are made from a different material to withstand the extra pace.

The material that is used for the stickers is high quality signage material that has a protective laminate over the top to protect the stickers from damage.

If you already have cricket stumps & need only the stickers, we can supply them with instructions on how to apply them.

Visit to find which option is best for you.