Great time to show your cricket bat some love

Cricket bats go through a lot & no matter if you've scored 1000 runs or 200 runs for the season your cricket bat can always use some love in the off season.

English Willow by nature is dying as soon as the tree is cut down. By the time the willow is turned into a cricket bat it has had over 88 - 90% of it's moisture dried out of it. This level continues to increase after is goes into a shop, a players bag & then used for a season.

Once the cricket bat is made the only way to keep moisture in it is to apply RAW Linseed oil to the exposed timber areas of the cricket bat (not covered by stickers or bat facing). Our general rule of thumb is, if you can't smell it on the bat you should give it a coat of oil.

The off season is a great time to give your bat the love it deserves. You can do this by sanding the face of the bat & re-oiling, changing the grip, putting some Shoe Goo on the toe or send it into to your local bat repairer to do all of the above.