Used by BBL Hobart Hurricanes superstar Nikhil Chaudhary, who has established himself as one of the sport's future stars. With experience playing against international opponents, having played for the Indian under-19 side, Nikhil is a dependable and exciting player who excels both with the bat and the ball.

The King bat features are:

  • Mid to low-middle with a mid-edge
  • Quality semi-oval, standard, 6-piece handle as standard
  • Round toe as standard
  • TAKEITEASY Laser engraving on the back of the bat
  • Available in all grades of willow
  • Gold King stickers
  • Pressed to perform

You can also choose to customise the KING to change the weight, blade length, handle shape/length, toe shape, stickers and grip; this bat can be tailored to suit your game. 

Each KING cricket bat includes the following:

  • Crafted from start to finish in our workshop in Brisbane, Australia
  • Match ready knocked in
  • Padded bat cover
  • 12-month warranty


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      Willow Grade: Butterfly
      Bat Size: Adult male standard (SH) 851mm
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