The Believe cricket bat has been designed to suit the all-round cricketer. Its mid-middle spine and mid-edge profile provide a smooth pick and balance at the crease.

The Believe bat features are:

  • Mid-middle with a mid-edge
  • Quality 6-piece handle
  • Available in all grades of willow
  • Green Believe stickers
  • Pressed to perform no matter the grade of English Willow

Bat Weights

Adult bats - 2.9lbs to 2.11lbs

Harrow bats - 2.4lbs to 2.5lbs

Size 6 - 2.2lbs to 2.4lbs

Size 5 - 2lbs to 2.2lbs

Size 4 - 1.13lbs to 2 lbs

Size 3 - 1.10lbs to 1.13lbs

Each cricket bat includes the following:

  • Crafted from start to finish in our workshop in Brisbane, Australia
  • Padded bat cover
  • 12-month warranty

Additionally, you can get your cricket bat knocked in and also choose to add add face and toe protection.

Sale price$1,399.00 AUD
Willow Grade: Players English Willow
Bat Size: Adult male standard (SH) 851mm
In stock