Butterly English willow cleft at Cooper Cricket Brisbane

Butterfly English willow comes from the same tree as other grades of English willow however, it gets its name from the butterfly shaped stain across the face.

This stain is caused from a branch being pruned as the tree is growing over a 10 - 15 year period. It causes a visible scar which creates a tough point that makes a cricket bat with good ping, great performance and longevity.

A butterfly scar can occur in any English willow cleft. It doesn't discriminate, meaning it can occur in clefts from any tree including those with 10 - 12 grains or those with as little as 4 grains across the face. 

The scar is generally more dense making it strong and also rare to get light weighted butterfly clefts. Butterfly willow is generally more economical than players grade or grade one willow, as it isn't as aesthetically pleasing. 

It makes for a great practice bat due to its durability, with some players wanting to save their expensive bat for games and use a butterfly willow bat for practice. 

If you're looking for a durable cricket bat with great performance, we recommend you look past the stains and consider a butterfly willow cricket bat. 

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