Butterfly English willow replica cricket bat at Cooper Cricket Brisbane

When serious cricketers are facing 100's or 1000's of balls each week, the life expectancy of their high-grade match bat can be shortened if over-used in the nets.

To overcome this, it is becoming more popular for players to have a practice bat made to match their game bat. 

At Cooper Cricket, when making replica bats we match the cricketer's game bat using 3D modelling to create a CNC router cut shape that can be used over and over again, ensuring consistency from bat to bat. Each bat is then hand finished by our craftsmen. 

Butterfly English willow is a great choice for your practice bat as it provides unrivalled durability. This is due to the strength built into the cleft around the butterfly scar. Whilst butterfly English willow makes a great practice bat, it is also a great choice for game bats. 



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