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2022! A new year, maybe a new you? Are your cricketing goals for the season on track or do you need to change it up a bit? Maybe a new bat is on the cards? We'd love to help you with that decision!

Whether you buy a bat from us here at Cooper Cricket or from another bat maker, we have a few tips that may help you make your decision a bit easier.

  1. Front foot or taller players who like to drive - look for a mid-middle bat or even a mid to low-middle bat.
  2. Back foot or shorter players - Look for a mid-middle or mid to high-middle bat.
  3. Front foot big hittersLook for a mid-middle or mid to high-middle bat.
  4. Young, tall players - You may have grown over the Christmas period and it may force you into a full size cricket bat. Look for a mid-middle bat that is nice and light. We know this may be hard to find however they are out there. Don't sacrifice bat speed by getting a bat that is too heavy!
  5. Willow - All willow will work well however it will get to its best at different times depending on the grain structure. A general rule of thumb is the lower the grade, the longer it will take to get to it's best (6 - 12 months). The higher the grade the quicker it will get to it's best (1-2 months).
  6. Mind games - You can't discount the mental side of the game. If you think you will be a better batter with a certain bat or a certain grade of willow, then you will be. The last thing you need walking out in the middle is the thought in the back of your mind that you compromised on the bat you bought.

Make sure you have a chat to the sales person to explain what kind of player you are so that they can help you choose that bat that is right for you. Try not to make your decision on who uses the bat on TV or what colour the stickers are. It's important to get the bat that works for you out in the middle based on the type of player you are.

We make custom cricket bats everyday here at Cooper Cricket in a range of different shapes and willow types. If you need any advice, even if you not buying it from us, please don't hesitate to call or chat to us online about what is best for you.

Have a great rest of the season and we hope you start off the new year with a BANG!

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