Is English Willow from England?

Yes, English Willow is from England. There are other locations around the world that grow the same trees, however, it is our opinion that only the best English Willow comes from England.

Does Cooper Cricket use English Willow?

Yes, all of our cricket bats are made with English Willow grown in England, except for our Indoor Cricket Bats. These are made with Poplar Willow. Indoor cricket balls are different to outdoor cricket balls & our bats are made to suit.

Is Poplar Willow lighter than English Willow?

Yes, Poplar Willow is lighter than English Willow. This means we can make big bats for indoor players that have great pick up & suit the game.

Can I use Poplar Willow for outdoor cricket?

No. An indoor cricket bat wouldn’t cope with the impact of the outdoor cricket ball.