Rod Grey of Cooper Cricket shaping a handle of a cricket bat

Rod is the owner of Cooper Cricket and has been making cricket bats since 2013 and tinkering with cricket bats since...well, he can't remember!

Rod is a cricket lover and has been involved with cricket from the age of 10 years old when he first started playing cricket in sunny old Townsville!

A signwriter by trade, creating unique one off creations has been something that Rod has done over and over again with sigange. To be able to mix that into making cricket bats for the actual cricketer that will use it is one of the reasons why Cooper Cricket was started in the first place.


Born in Geelong, I grew up all the way up in Townsville in sunny North Queensland.

All I wanted to do as a kid was play cricket...nothing else mattered. My mum loved cricket and was often the scorer when I would play. She was kind enough to allow me to get private coaching and it wasn't too long after that's I started playing rep cricket for North Queensland and then A-Grade for Norths in Townsville when I was 16. I continued to play in Townville until I was 35 before stopping to start coaching my son's cricket sides.

I still loved cricket but I then fell in love with coaching. I was lucky I could fall back on the technique taught to me when I was younger and pass that onto my son. Naturally it was my son who used the first Cooper Cricket bat!

We are in Brisbane these days and I am extremely lucky to be supported by my wonderful family. My wife Roxanne, son Lachlan and daughter Charley. I couldn't do this without them and without their ongoing support.