Malakai is our cricket bat making apprentice that starting working at Cooper Cricket in January 2023.

Malakai lives and breathes cricket. He plays in the Glass House Mountains and Sunshine Coast competitions in Queensland and has been repairing and refurbishing cricket bats in his garage since he was 12.

After his parents were looking for a 'cricket bat making experience' they came accross Cooper Cricket. This was during the madness of Josh Brown hitting balls into the crowd at the Gabba! Rod (who was missing Josh terribly at the time) had cheekly mentioned to Malakai's mother...does Malakai want an apprenticeship? ... The rest is history!


I am a 15 year old cricket tragic who live and breathes cricket. I've always loved it since I was very, very young and have had great encouragement from my parents.

I started repairing my own cricket bats in the garage with the help of my dad. I would always love tinkering with them and sanding them back so they looked good again. I started my own bat repair business when I was 13 called 'the bat doctor' and I would repair cricket bats for friends and people that I would be involved with at my local club.

I feel lucky that I am working in this industry as I absolutely love it. I hope to take my skills and travel to the UK in the future and play cricket, make cricket bats and play some more cricket!