There are quite a few different variations of handle types on the market today and it can be confusing trying to find the perfect one for you.

At Cooper Cricket, we turn and shape three main handle types that are great for front-foot players, back-foot players and the players who want the best of both worlds.

We work with handles that are a mix of Sarawak cane and rubber. The rubber helps absorb the shock from the impact of the cricket ball.

Generally, the more pieces in the handle, the stiffer the handle will be, however, the quality of the cane is the same. 

There are three handles we specialise in:

  • 12-piece handle is considered our premium handle and is usually paired with our players or players pro bat. Given the amount of pieces in this handle, it will stay the stiffest and strongest over a long period of time.
  • The 6-piece handles are an excellent quality handle and is usually paired with our Grade 1 and Butterfly willow bats and are used for a good majority of our re-handle bat repairs. 
  • 4-piece handles are our mid-quality handle and is paired with all Grade 2 cricket bats. These handles will be the quickest to start to flex. 

We also create three different shape handles for cricket players:

  • The Round handle is more for players who naturally like or play off the back foot and are very bottom-hand dominant. A round handle is defined by the height and the width being the same at the bottom of the handle. 
  • The Semi-Oval handle is for the player who likes the best of both worlds, assisting keeping a light grip on the bottom hand, but not interfering when playing cross bat shots. The semi oval is defined by being slightly taller in height and round on the sides.  
  • The Oval handle is perfect for players who need to keep their bottom hand out of their straight bat shots. The oval handle is defined by being very tall in height and slightly skinnier in width at the bottom of the handle

There are bat makers all around the world and they all have their own techniques in producing their handles and handle types however we all end up producing a similar result. 

 Re-handles completed by Cooper Cricket

We do 100's of re-handles every year. Above are just a few examples of different offcuts of the broken handles we have replaced over the time.  

If you are still stuck on what handle could be right for you for your new or broken bat, give us a call, email or head into the Cooper Cricket workshop today!

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