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We often get asked if Cooper Cricket sponsors players. The short answer is ‘yes’ we do! But we also have some criteria that needs to be met before we can agree to support a player.

We provide support in the form of generous discounts on all our products and our expert advice on everything related to the players' 'tools of the trade'.

Cooper Cricket is not a big shoe or clothing company. We are cricket bat makers, cricket players, cricket lovers and cricket supporters who are passionate about providing quality cricket products to help make quality cricket players. We are also a small business trying to make a go of it, so, like any business decision, we use some clear benchmarks to guide these decisions and ensure they are fair and transparent for everyone.

Currently we only support Australian based players. Being located in Australia, the cost to freight product internationally is prohibitive. However, if an internationally based player meets our criteria and is prepared to cover the cost of freight, we would certainly consider it.

When deciding who to accept under our Player Support Program, not only do we consider the player’s cricket achievements but also the individual’s integrity and reputation. We want to support quality players, and more importantly, quality people. We offer four levels of support, based on your playing level, from Bronze for regional and metro representatives through to Platinum, for the state or national professional players.  

If you are trying to make a career in cricket, we understand it can be a tough. We know there are big sacrifices that you need to make along the way. It could be moving away from home, not being able to work a regular job due to training commitments or travelling to chase the next cricket season. So, if you are a representative player and think you have what it takes to be a Cooper Cricket ambassador, check out the Player Support page on our website.

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What an outstanding performance by Josh Brown for the Brisbane Heat in the BBL on New Years Day 2023.
Great to see the support for up and coming players.

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