Pounds vs kilograms.

Cricket bat weight is generally expressed as pounds. In Australia, we use kilograms and grams, however to honour the tradition of cricket bat making, we have used pounds and ounces to express the weight of our bats.

The abbreviation for pounds is lbs. 2.7lbs is 2 pounds and 7 ounces.

Here is a quick guide to help you work out the conversion. 

2.7lbs = 1.106kg

2.8lbs = 1.134kg

2.9lbs = 1.162kg

2.10lbs = 1.191kg

2.11lbs = 1.219kg

2.12lbs = 1.247kg

2.13lbs = 1.276kg

2.14lbs = 1.304kg

2.15lbs = 1.332kg

3lbs = 1.361kg

3.1lbs = 1.389kg

3.2lbs = 1.417kg

These are approximate conversions.

A lot of bats are weighed as a naked bat without binding, grip and stickers. At Cooper Cricket, we express our bat weights for the finished product including binding, grip and stickers. This accounts for 2 – 3 ounces of weight. We want you to know how heavy it is to pick up for a game. We haven’t yet met a player who plays with a bat that doesn’t have binding, grip or stickers!