From time to time we may sponsor players if it suits us to do so however we don't give out full sponsorships, we only offer discount sponsorships.

Cooper Cricket is not a multi-national company with massive resources at our disposal. We are a small business through & through & honestly can't afford to give away gear. To enable our brand to grow, we need money to do that which means we need to make a profit on what we sell.

The only players we will consider sponsoring are players that are very good cricketers in their local competition & preferably the higher quality of the competition the better. As mentioned above, it's only from time to time & no full sponsorships will be offered.

How to ask for a sponsorship?

Asking on social media - "Do you sponsor??" or "Hey I'm a really good cricket player, will you sponsor me?" or "Oi, sponsor me!", is going to get you nowhere. If you are seriously asking for a sponsorship, fill out the form below. Use your manners & be polite explaining who you are, what level of cricket you have played & what you can do for our brand. Remember, we don't know ANYTHING about who you are.

What do we expect from someone we sponsor?

  • To spread the word about Cooper Cricket in your area.
  • Be well mannered & play with respect whilst representing our brand.
  • Perform well.
  • To only purchase Cooper Cricket gear.

How long does the sponsorship last?

The sponsorship goes from the start of July to the end of June (12 Months). If you ask in December & we agree for example then it will go from December to the end June & you will need to re-apply again in July.

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