• The Baseliner Slam
  • The Baseliner Slam
  • The Baseliner Slam

The Baseliner Slam

$519.00 AUD

The Baseliner Slam tennis machine delivers what no other has before – quality tennis simulation for the backyard and beyond – at an affordable price.

The Baseliner Slam will consistently and reliably deliver whatever you need across the court to take your game to the next level.


  • Variable launch speed (35 - 65 km/h)
  • Fully adjustable for low and high lofted shots 
  • Includes automatic 12+ ball feeder (additional 6 ball feeders can be purchased to increase the capacity)
  • Additional ball capacity available 
  • Easy to assemble, put away and store 
  • Adjustable tripod/launch height 
  • Can be used with regular or Baseliner tennis balls 
  • Maintenance free drive wheel
  • Runs off electricity, but has an optional battery pack (can be purchased separately - available in Feb 2016)
  • First ball delay to allow enough time to get to the other of the court (approximately 8 - 10 seconds)
  • 12 month warranty