• Senior Cricket Bat - Resolve Grade 1 Standard Cricket Bat
  • Senior Cricket Bat - Resolve Grade 1 Standard Cricket Bat
  • Senior Cricket Bat - Resolve Grade 1 Standard Cricket Bat
  • Senior Cricket Bat - Resolve Grade 1 Standard Cricket Bat

Resolve Cricket Bat

$699.00 AUD

The Cooper Resolve Cricket Bat is crafted to suit the drivers of our great game. With it's spine running from handle to toe & it's enlarged, lower sweet spot, it's made for those who want to pump them off the front foot over & over & over again.

Available in Players Grade, Grade 1, Grade 2 & Grade 3 English willow, we cater cricketers of all abilities. You can also customise this bat's handle length & shape, blade length, weight, sticker colour, grip colour & we can even prepare it for you so it's match ready.

Whilst we have bats we have pre-made that sit on the wall in our shop, the bat that you order here is made for you as per your specs. The turnaround times can vary from 2 - 3 weeks for Grade 1, 2 & 3 bats & 2 - 6 weeks for Players Grade bats due to keeping limited Players stock on hand.

It's features are:
  • Premium English willow
  • Standard round, short handle
  • Standard adult size
  • Mid to low middle position
  • Standard weight range 2.8lbs - 2.10lbs
  • 34mm - 38mm edges
  • Teal, blue, red, or white chrome embossed graphics
  • White, black or teal grips to choose from
  • Crafted in Australia by Rod Grey

            Depending on your height, you may want a slightly longer or shorter blade length on your bat.
            You can choose between a standard short handle, long handle or super short handle.
            The standard handle shape is round however if you would like to go with an oval handle you can.
            Our standard senior cricket bats have a weight range of 2.8lbs - 2.10lbs however can customise to any specific weight range.
            We can install an extra grip over the top of the grip already on your new bat.
            After the bat has been polished with our beeswax/linseed oil bat wax, we can apply a sheet of Extratec to the face of the bat to protect it or we can supply it separately so you can apply after knocking it in. We HIGHLY recommend this as it will protect your bat from ball impact & certainly extend your bats life.
            Preparation is the key to performance & longevity of a cricket bat. We knock in the bat by hand & get it ready for instant use. This process can take 1- 3 weeks depending on our workload.

            Customizations Total: $0.00 AUD

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