Cooper Cricket is small business owned by Rod Grey based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Cooper Cricket specialises in fantastic cricket bats, high-quality protective gear & the ability to customise small or bulk gear for cricket clubs or special events.

We have a workshop to make & repair cricket bats in Northgate, Brisbane. We are lucky to use some of the finest english willow from J.S. Wright & Sons through our 3rd party suppliers on the subcontinent. We carry willow from Player Pro down to Grade Two & cater for every level of cricketer young & old.

We understand that cricketers don't always have time to come in during normal working hours so we are flexible with our working hours & are often available by appointment after hours & on the weekends.

We also cater for complete clubs or organisations that may need customised cricket gear for their upcoming season or events. All cricket gear can be customised & if you would like more information, please contact us here.

We pride ourselves on being a family-owned Australia small business & we guarantee that our gear will perform for you whether you are a junior, adult club cricketer or play at the highest level.


Why the name Cooper Cricket?

Cooper Cricket is owned and operated by Rod Grey & the name Cooper would have been the name of his son if he and his wife had another baby boy. They didn't; however, this business is Rod's little baby, so Cooper Cricket was born...simple as that!

Also, a "Cooper" is a tradesman who makes wooden, staved vessels, held together with wooden or metal hoops and possessing flat ends or heads, for example, wine barrels. Some of the traditional tools used by a "Cooper" are drawknives, planes, chisels and spokeshaves which are still used to craft cricket bats today.


Cooper Cricket was started in 2011 in a back shed in Townsville at Rod Grey's house when refurbishing his son's cricket bat. Rod is a sign writer by profession and was lucky enough to learn his trade from a hugely talented Philip John. Throughout 20+ years of making, installing and designing signage you work with many different materials and discover several different techniques that apply well to cricket bat making. Over many years of playing cricket, you also have things go wrong with cricket bats so when in a regional centre it's not easy to access cricket bat repairs, so you figure out how to do it yourself.

Like many small businesses, they start in a home garage, or shed and Cooper Cricket was no different. In 2016 Cooper Cricket had moved into a small workshop in Garbutt, Townsville but in 2017 a move to Brisbane was happening so off they went. Brisbane is a great and challenging market with a lot of competition and a lot of choices to choose from. Now that Cooper Cricket fits into this landscape all we can & will do is provide excellent cricket gear with local support for cricketers not only in Brisbane but all around Australia.