WORLD CHAMPIONS! Australia wins by 85 runs.

In front of a crowd of 86,174 fans the Australian Women’s T20 team have claimed victory as the best in the world. Winning the match by a convincing 85 runs, the Aussies dominated with the bat and ball.

The impressive match between India and Australia, on International Women’s Day 2020 will go down in history as a celebration of women’s sport around the world and in this country. The Aussies ended up with 4/184 with the Indians all out for 99.

Congratulations to the entire Australian team including the players, coaches and administrators. What a game!

“If not now, when? If not us, who?” has been reported to be what Cricket Australia have said about their investment in women’s cricket and tonight it paid off. Opening act Katy Perry wouldn’t have come cheap, nor would the investment in the game as a whole. 86,174 fans at the MCG agree the investment was worth it.

Here at Cooper Cricket, we’re calling it. This is a great line in the sand that Cricket Australia have drawn. Fans and sponsors around the country are backing them. The real pay-off will be in years to come when female participation numbers continue to rise.

Tonight, we could not be more proud of our great game. Celebrating International Women’s Day with actions, not just talk.

It’s a great day for women’s sport.

It’s a great day for Australian sport.

This team didn’t grow up watching women’s sport on TV, but the next crop of players are – imagine what that can do for our great game?